Five Hospitality Industry Pet Peeves to Avoid!


We all have pet peeves at our jobs, and sometimes we even have pet peeves when we’re on vacation. But it needs to be said that people who work in the hospitality industry get a lot of unnecessary flak. Here are five helping warnings for you to heed in order to make everyone’s life a […]

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Less Is More! 10 Space-Efficient Packing Tips


Far too often, the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” describes the contents of our suitcases. When packing, it’s easy to lose sight of being prepared and tread into over-the-top territory. This is definitely a hassle while dragging your luggage around, but it’s just as big a pain when you find yourself digging through mounds […]

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Now Open! Universal Studios Orlando welcomes Diagon Alley to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Planning a family vacation to Orlando this summer? Your timing has never been better. Harry Potter, the best-selling book and movies series, is continuing to capture the hearts of children and adults alike with its transformation into a physically interactive medium. Though Universal Orlando opened its doors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in […]

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Resort Spotlight: Generations Riviera Maya


Generations Riviera Maya, by Karisma, has officially opened its doors to couples, families, and friends looking for the ultimate in luxurious vacations. This 144-room, all-suite resort features swim-up rooms on the first through fourth floors, creating both a stunning visual and physical experience unlike any other as you wade through waters beside the glassy turquoise […]

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Simple Packing Tips to Remember!

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These ten tips are affordable, easy ways to make the most out of your vacation while minimizing the stress of preparing and packing. 1.  Create an inventory of the items you’ve packed for your trip, bring it along, and refer to it when getting ready to head home. This will help you avoid leaving anything […]

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The Basics of Timeshare Exchange: Depositing Your Weeks and Finding a Match


Consider this Part Two of our series on the ins and outs of timeshare exchange. If you missed Part One, follow this link to get an overview of what a timeshare exchange is and how it works! This time, we’re going to be delving into how to actually make a timeshare exchange through SFX Preferred […]

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