Cobá Ruins Discovered – My Archeological Day-Trip

Cory Phelps SFX Sr. V.P. exhilarated after climbing to the top of Ixmoja in Coba.

As Senior Vice President of SFX Preferred Resorts I travel a lot but only occasionally have time to do local site-seeing adventures. Luckily for me, this last August was different during my visit to Riviera Maya’s Grand Mayan Resorts. Encouraged by our graphic designer who had never been to Mexico before, we left Cancun and […]

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“JOYÀ” Cirque du Soleil, Riviera Maya, Mexico, Opening Nov. 8, 2014

Joya Logo

Now, there is a new reason to vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico – JOYÀ by Cirque du Soleil! This fabulous, one of a kind venue, will be located right across from the Grand Mayan Resort. Resort guests will not have to go far to see this new and innovative show inspired by the Mexican nature […]

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Jetting Pink Across America – SMOV October Fund Raiser

Jetting Pink Across America
Fund Raising Path

Send Me On Vacation (SMOV) Charity kicks off October multi-city fund raisers and walks being held in honor of local breast cancer survivors who have endured the physical and emotional effects breast cancer has had on their lives. SMOV provides a much needed vacation to women with cancer who have undergone treatment and need a […]

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Discover Mexico’s Pacific Coast: Acapulco


Deemed Mexico’s “Living Legend,” Acapulco is regarded as one of Mexico’s oldest and most widely recognized beach resort locations. Acapulco first became a popular travel destination in the 1950s when Hollywood stars and millionaires sought to getaway. Today Acapulco is divided in to two sections; the north end full of tradition and history; and the […]

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Five Hospitality Industry Pet Peeves to Avoid!


We all have pet peeves at our jobs, and sometimes we even have pet peeves when we’re on vacation. But it needs to be said that people who work in the hospitality industry get a lot of unnecessary flak. Here are five helping warnings for you to heed in order to make everyone’s life a […]

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Less Is More! 10 Space-Efficient Packing Tips


Far too often, the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” describes the contents of our suitcases. When packing, it’s easy to lose sight of being prepared and tread into over-the-top territory. This is definitely a hassle while dragging your luggage around, but it’s just as big a pain when you find yourself digging through mounds […]

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