10 Amazingly Cool Gifts for Travelers


Traveling around the world can bring both pleasure and pain. The pleasure comes from having the free time and the financial wherewithal to journey to exciting new lands and experience amazing new adventures. The painful aspect comes in when we realize that we’ve just sojourned halfway across the planet without bringing along some of the […]

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The Five Airplanes You Wish You Were Flying on Today


The quality of commercial airline travel has been changing since its heyday in the 1960s. As it has become more and more common to travel by air, costs for things like fuel, food and amenities have gone up, and complimentary services have gone down. However, a recent article showed that might be changing (See Forbes […]

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Winter Meltdowns Get Pretty Fabulous in Riviera Maya


Are you bored and worn out after a winter of drudgery at the office? Maybe you haven’t had the chance to get away in so long that you’re desperate for a change. If the bleak midwinter days have got you down in the dumps, it may well be that a change in climate, scenery and […]

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10 Luxurious Vacations to Add to Your Bucket List


Vacationing is one of the top things people look forward to during the year. Viewed as a time of rest and relaxation, it is vital to choose a destination that provides the environment that is desired. For those looking to enjoy nature and beautiful views, Mexican vacations provide that. Beaches are also highly recommended at […]

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Six Lessons from People Who Like Traveling in Winter


Traveling during the winter season can be an exhilarating experience, full of seasonal merriment and the joy of meeting up with your friends and loved ones. But it can also be fraught with unforeseen perils and pitfalls. As with travel in any season, there are some very important safety tips that should be absorbed and […]

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Exchanging a Timeshare


The concept of timeshares is a wonderful way to own a vacation home just during the weeks that you would use it. There is an added benefit to owning a timeshare. Instead of having the same home to return to during each vacation, timeshares can be exchanged with owners in other locations to allow a […]

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