Most Valuable Travel Apps


Travelers: what a time to be alive! There are so many amazing apps out there that do just about everything you thought you were doing–but better, faster, stronger? These all new travel apps will make it easier to find flights, pack your stuff, get some gourmet grub, hunt down Wi-Fi and communicate with the locals. […]

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How to Pick Travel Destinations by Personality


Your travel personality is as unique as your dream car. Even if you don’t know what your travel personality is, some travel destinations likely hold more appeal to you. You might be the adventurous type that’s looking for the hottest place to go bungee jumping, or maybe the prettiest beach in the Caribbean holds a […]

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Gift Yourself Great Last-Minute Vacation Getaway Savings

Gift Yourself Getaway Savings

As the holidays rapidly approach you might catch yourself dreading all the preparation and stress. Make a spontaneous decision and gift you and your family with a last-minute vacation. You don’t have to look far, The SFX Sell-Off List has some great resort listings worth checking out. Did you know if you have a SFX Vacation Cash-Card […]

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5 Tips to Enjoy Vacations More as a Family

Kid on Map FP Image

If you are in charge of jump-starting the family vacations you may have experienced how difficult it is to encourage your family to participate in the planning of the details.  Location, accommodations, and the activities you do while away are all important pieces that fit together to make a vacation fun, safe, and relaxing.  No […]

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SFX Members’ Most Popular Questions

Exchange Request Photo

Here are 3 of the most popular questions SFX Members ask us along with real answers to help you get more from your SFX Membership Benefits.   When can I expect to be confirmed for the Exchange Request that I have placed with SFX?  Our database will alert an agent to contact you as soon […]

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What Travel Style Suits You Best


If you are thinking of going on a destination around the world or perhaps you heard about an enchanting eco-trip off to a remote island, you probably have an amazing sense of adventure and a strong personality. When you start to think of planning any trip, you always consider how you would react to certain […]

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